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3.5 feet Flower Bed Single Level

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- Our flower bed is made of recycled geotextile, and is a fantastic option to grow flowers.

- The flower bed is stable and durable to strongly support the weight from the bed itself and plant. The storage space is ample enough to plant seasonal flowers, herbs, plants, succulents etc.

- You can use The Wild Cat flower bed to change the style and layout of your garden, to create a better poetic effect. Its a great addition perfect for planting especially in the balcony, terrace, garden, backyard, patios etc.

- Benefits: 1) Reusable : Easy to assemble, just lay it out and attach Velcro cover. No tools required! The flower beds are washable and reusable, lightweight, highly durable lasting many years. Fold and store for future use.

- 2) Breathable: Made of non-woven fabric, Designed to allow roots to breathe, release heat prevent root circling. Easy drainage of water, no more root rot.

- 3) Made from recycled plastic water bottles

- 4) Boosts plant growth and yields

- 5) Keeps plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer




42 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches

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