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Khwabo Ka Jarokha Framed Wall Art

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- The symbol of royalty was portrayed in every manner the royal kingdom stipulated. The flowers, the trees, the royal beds, the wine, the fruits all portray a perfect example of today's era. All things are crisply viewable in the Portrait of Jarokha which makes the view of Ancient Haveli evident attached in a Synthetic Wood Frame for a professional look to your home, office, bathroom, kitchen, sofa, or any wall you wish to put this painting on. Talking about the colors, they are bright enough to catch the reader eyes and give a lasting look to that and definitely takes you back to the ancient memory lane.

- The flowers here symbolize peace, the trees symbolize the existence of legends, the royal beds themselves symbolize royalty, the royal wine symbolizes happiness in one's life, the fruits symbolize the abundance of everything and at the end, these things sum up for a perfect life with all required feelings and emotions.


Synthetic wood frame


12x16 inches

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